Passover Season Draws to a Close

The Passover season has just passed over. In Israel, the holiday involves a week-long break, lots of family Seders (special holiday observance), family outings, and abstaining from leaven. Shelves in the grocery stores that contain breads, cereals, pasta, etc. are blocked off so that these products cannot be purchased. Even the bread baskets in restaurants are filled with matzah (unleavened bread) instead! Also, during Easter weekend, thousands of pilgrims come to Jerusalem's Old City to commemorate Good Friday and Easter Sunday, remembering the days of Jesus' death and resurrection. 

Please pray for Jewish people all over Israel to realize that redemption is available through the death and resurrection of Jesus, our Passover Lamb.

Outreach through Passover Gatherings

The Passover season brought many opportunities for Chosen People Ministries' workers in Israel to host Messianic Passover Seders in their homes with friends and family who are not yet believers. Chosen People Ministries also hosted gatherings and Seders for single moms and Holocaust survivors. One such special event had almost 300 Holocaust survivors as guests. They came by bus from different cities around the Holy Land, and had a marvelous time of fellowship, music, and food while hearing a message from the Scriptures. 

Please pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of all who heard the message of salvation during the Passover season.

Western Wall Receives Annual Cleaning

It is traditional for Jewish people to give their homes a good spring-cleaning before Passover – and the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which is the holiest site in Judaism, was also cleaned. Throughout the year, people write notes and prayers asking God for health, happiness and other needs, and stuff these tiny slips of paper into the cracks of the Wall. The hope is that these prayers have a special place in God's ears. After the annual cleaning of the Western Wall, the notes are taken to a special place on the Mount of Olives and buried there. (Israel National News)

Please pray for God to respond in a clear and unmistakable way to the prayers of Jewish people who are seeking Him.

Fourth Palestinian Prisoner Release Canceled

After a long, drawn-out meeting in which diplomats frantically tried to save the faltering peace talks, Israel has decided not to release the fourth batch of Palestinian terrorists who are being held in Israeli jails. These prisoners are known to have killed, made explosives, and/or attempted suicide bombing. Their releases were meant to be a good-will gesture towards the Palestinians in the hopes of continuing the peace talks. Israel says that the Palestinian Authority violated their side of the agreement by applying to the United Nations' international conventions and treaties. (Jerusalem Post)

Please pray that there will be progress made in these very sensitive talks.

Israel Suffers Cyber Attacks

Recently, Israel came under cyber attack yet again by the internet hacking group called Anonymous. The group succeeded in briefly bringing down the Israel Post website and the Ministry of Education, but failed in many other attempts. They did manage to publish a list of the phone numbers of Israel's senior officials. The hacking group said this attack was retaliation for the Israeli Defense Forces' strikes in Gaza. (Ynet)

Please pray for the protection of Israel's online infrastructure. 

Hezbollah Funding Cut by Iran

As a result of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's austerity measures, Iran has cut funding to Hezbollah, a terrorist group operating in Lebanon and Syria. Hezbollah hates Israel and often threatens to attack with rockets, as they did in 2006. Iran has provided Hezbollah with almost $1 billion of military funding in recent years, but the economic sanctions against Iran are forcing Rouhani to reduce spending. With the expenses from the battles in Syria and the cut in Iranian support, Hezbollah is now facing a shortage in funding. (Jerusalem Post)

Please pray that the financial support for terrorism dries up completely.