Hamas Launches 100+ Missiles into Israel

Rocket fire has been plaguing Israel's south for the past few days. The Iron Dome has intercepted rockets – including two headed for Tel Aviv and several that were about to fall on Israel's largest city in the South, Beersheva. Sirens have also rang in Jerusalem and as far north as Caesarea. During the barrage, over 30 missiles were launched within 30 minutes, causing fear and panic for the civilians who have been instructed to stay in or near bomb shelters. (Click here to view a map of how long people in various parts of Israel have to reach a shelter).

Please pray for an immediate STOP to the rocket attacks on Israel's civilians.


Pray for Safety from Missile Strikes in Real Time

There is a free iPhone app that will alert you every single time a rocket is fired against Israel in real time. Why not stop and pray right there, right then? You can download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/red-alert-israel/id873642097?mt=8

Israeli Home Front Command Warns Citizens

The Israeli Home Front Command has issued new warnings for over one million citizens living in Israel's south for the first time since 2012 during Operation Pillar of Defense. Summer children's camps, kindergartens, special learning centers, university exams and gatherings of more than 300 people cannot take place within a 40-kilometer radius from Gaza (in towns such as Ashdod, Askelon, Beersheva and Sderot). All public bomb shelters are open and must be prepared to receive people. (Ynet)

Please pray for the Lord to comfort these civilians, who are living in fear due to the rocket attacks.

Operation Protective Edge

Netanyahu's security cabinet has decided to step up air strikes against military targets in Gaza, and has given a green light to preparations for a ground offensive. Operation Protective Edge has pledged to restore safety and tranquility for the residents of southern Israel. Netanyahu said, "The situation in the south has become unbearable; we cannot allow over a million citizens to be held hostage in bomb shelters." (Jpost)

Please pray for a swift resolution to the flare-up of violence.

Misleading Pictures Spreading on Social Media

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) recently reported that there are numerous graphic photos being used on social media claiming to show destruction, injury and death caused by the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza. However, tese photos are not from Israel's campaign to stop Hamas' rockets from being launched – instead, many are from Iraq and Syria, some of them dating back to 2009. (Israel National News)

Please pray for the media and the population to be savvy and alert to truths and untruths.

Bodies of Three Missing Israeli Boys Found

In June, three teenage Israeli boys were kidnapped, with no news of their whereabouts for two weeks. The Israeli Defense Forces mounted a large-scale search for them in the West Bank region around Hebron, and it was an agonizing wait for the families. The entire country came together in thought, prayer rallies, concern and even a massive gathering in Tel Aviv where thousands attended in support and love for the families, calling for the return of their sons. The next day, the boys' bodies were found in a field near Hebron, having apparently been murdered immediately upon their kidnapping. There are three suspects from Hamas.

Please pray for the boys' families as they grieve and mourn this tremendous loss.

Arab Boy Killed in Possible Retaliation

A day after the three Israeli boys' bodies were found, an Arab boy aged 16 was found murdered near his home in the West Bank. This may be a retaliation for the killing of the three Israeli teenagers; Netanyahu calls this murder "abhorrent" and the six Jewish suspects in custody, if convicted, will receive the full measure of law. The nation is horrified that fellow Jews would do this and as a result, there has been incredibly increased tensions in East Jerusalem and neighboring Arab villages. Riots, throwing of rocks, and destruction of property have taken place, especially during the boys' funeral.

Please pray for the family of this Arab boy, who was murdered by Jewish extremists.

Arab and Jewish Families Take Comfort in Each Other

The family of one of the Jewish boys killed and the family of the Arab boy killed have spoken to each other on the phone, giving each other solace and comfort through their pain. The Israeli dad said, "The life of an Arab is equally as precious as that of a Jew. Blood is blood and murder is murder, whether that murder is Jewish or Arab." There have also been Palestinian visitors to the home of one of the Jewish boys during the mourning period, to pay respects and to talk about peace.

Please pray for peace, not vengeance. Pray for comfort, not hatred.

Urgent Need for Help

Chosen People Ministries ministers among Holocaust survivors, including those living in the city of Sderot near Gaza. We have an immediate need of about $12,000 to take these elderly survivors from their homes in Sderot to a safer location for at least three days, where they can escape from the pressure of having missiles fired upon them throughout the day. Please help us with a gift today!

Please write Israel Emergency Fund in the "Special Designation" box