Israeli Independence Day Celebrated

Israel marked its 66th birthday with a grand national holiday. Israelis took to the parks and beaches, watched aerial performances by Israel's Air Force, and visited open army bases to celebrate. Israeli Independence Day is known for its fireworks, barbecuing and picnicking, and is a great time to celebrate Israel's growth. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a televised event featuring Israel’s famous singers and dancers, and honored 120 outstanding Israeli soldiers and officers for their meaningful service and contribution to the State of Israel. (Ynet)

Praise God for Israel’s 66 years – and for many more!


Israeli Team to Aid Nigeria in Case of Kidnapped Schoolgirls

A team of Israeli intelligence and negotiation experts will soon be arriving in Nigeria to assist in the efforts to find and rescue the schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram last month. The Israeli delegation will include specialists in abduction crises and in gathering intelligence that could help locate the girls. In the past, Nigeria has also helped Israel by monitoring terrorist activity in Africa and weapons shipments to Hamas and Hezbollah. (YNet)

Please pray for the girls to be rescued quickly and safely.

Small Bible Study Growing

One of the Bible studies at Chosen People Ministries' Jerusalem Messianic Center consists of people who were met through the Distribution Center, where they receive special food parcels. Attendance had been low recently, but then the people in the study said to the leader, "We know others who want to come and study the Bible – are they allowed to come?"  The leader, with a big smile on his face said, "Yes!"

Please pray for those attending this Bible study to understand God’s Word and take it to heart.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Every year Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day with the sound of a siren at 10 AM, at which signal everyone stands still for a minute of respect. Drivers on the highway stop and get out of their cars, passengers on buses stand up, and those in offices and schools pause to remember. Holocaust Remembrance Day is dedicated to honoring the memory of the atrocities inflicted on the Jewish people by the Nazis and their accomplices, as well as the numerous acts of heroism and defiance against the German forces. This year’s focus is on the situation exactly 70 years ago: "1944: From Extermination to Liberation." (Ynet)

Please pray for Chosen People Ministries' continuing outreach to Holocaust survivors

Day of Remembrance for Israel's Fallen Soldiers

In this season of remembrance, Israel also honors the 23,169 men and women who gave their lives to protect the State of Israel, including victims of terrorism. Benny Gantz, the Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff, said, "The fallen soldiers and those killed by terror activities walk with us in their absence in every step we take. On this day, the siren will cut through the silence, and the citizens of Israel will bow their heads and in their mind's eye they will see a figure in uniform: An IDF soldier. The names we remember today create the character of the IDF, the people's army, to which we enlisted to serve the State of Israel." (Ynet)

Please pray for the Lord to comfort those who are mourning their fallen loved ones.

Palestinian Leaders Join with Hamas

Israel recently broke off peace discussions with the Palestinian leaders after they made a joint coalition with Hamas, a recognized terrorist group. Netanyahu said that Israel would never negotiate with a Palestinian coalition government that includes people who are calling for the destruction of Israel. Hamas has stated that it will never acknowledge the State of Israel's right to exist. The United States Secretary of State John Kerry said that both Israel and the Palestinians need to make compromises so as not to lose the nine months' progress in the peace talks. (Ynet)

Please pray that the Palestinian leaders would truly seek peace instead of war and destruction.

Ukrainian Jews Flock to Israel

During the turbulent times in Ukraine, many Ukrainian Jews are leaving the country and moving to Israel. In the same period of 2013, there were 315 Ukrainian Jewish immigrants to Israel. In 2014, there have been over 762 – and many more are requesting information about moving to Israel. The political uncertainty of Ukraine and concerns for the safety of the country's Jewish community of 200,000 have caused funds to pour in for protection and surveillance.  (Israel National News)

Please pray for the safety of the Jewish community in Ukraine.