French Jews Lead Immigration to Israel

France is the leading country from which Jewish people are immigrating to Israel – making Aliyah. It is followed in the rankings by Russia, Ukraine and the USA. The Jewish Agency is expecting over 6,000 French Jews, about 1% of France’s entire Jewish population, to immigrate to Israel in 2014. This is mainly a result of antisemitism and threats. France is also the European country with the largest Muslim population - about five million. (Ynet)

Please pray for the safety and protection of France’s Jewish communities.


Israel Tests Arrow 2 Missile Defense

Israel tested its “Arrow 2” missile defense system in partnership with the United States’ Department of Defense. It is similar to the Iron Dome, in that it intercepts incoming missiles and rockets. Arrow 2 is able to intercept long-range ballistic missiles and can reach higher altitudes, therefore countering any efforts from Iran to send missiles to Israel. (Ynet)

Please pray that any long range missiles from Iran would never be sent to Israel!

Israel Sees Summer Drop in Tourism

As a result of Operation Protective Edge, the summer’s war with Hamas in Gaza, Israel’s tourism industry suffered. Not since 2007 has Israel seen such low numbers. August of 2014 saw a 36% drop in incoming tourists. The tourism industry suffered in revenue as it also employees over 200,000 people. On the positive side, the first eight months of 2014 have seen record numbers of tourists, the most in any previous years. (Ynet)

Please pray for those who are considering coming to Israel, to see the beauty and history of the Land, to come face to face with the truths of the Bible and to talk about it positively on their return to their own countries.

Last of the Injured Israelis Now "Out of Danger"

As a result of the incoming rockets and mortars, many Israelis were injured and hospitalized. The last Israeli injured in the conflict has finally been declared “out of danger.” He was moved from intensive care and will recover, although he has a long and painful road ahead. He was outside on his kibbutz (farm), in southern Israel near Gaza, when a mortar was fired. He and his two friends were inspecting the electricity infrastructure for damage and did not have time to find a safe place. His two friends were killed and he lost both of his legs from the knees down. Since the injury, he has been in a coma and just now awoke. He is in good spirits and will recover. (Israel National News)

Please pray for this man’s recovery, as well as his wife and children who have not left his side.

$550 Million Dollars Wanted in Gaza’s Rebuilding

The United Nations and the Palestinian Authority have called for international donations to Gaza in the sum of $550 million. Gaza needs to rebuild housing and infrastructure after a very destructive summer of war with Israel. They want these funds for food, clean water, healthcare and education - but have not said who would supervise the use of these funds and it is suspected these funds will just end up in Hamas’ hands. It is suspected that terror tunnels have already started to be re-built, even though Israel destroyed 30 such tunnels. The building of tunnels costs millions of dollars and they were built with construction materials sent to Gaza for civilian projects. (Israel National News)

Please pray for the civilians of Gaza whose homes were destroyed. Please pray for proper use of the funds donated to help rebuild Gaza.

Chosen People Ministries Provides Post-War Care

Beit Sar Shalom, Chosen People Ministries in Israel, is still helping those who were affected during the summer’s war. Its scars are still present. Currently, a group of Holocaust survivors from the South are resting in a hotel in Tel Aviv with fellowship, Bible study, music and discussions about the Lord and His love for us, even in uncertain times. May these dear people find rest and trust in the truths of the Gospel!

Please pray for the souls of these Holocaust survivors, that they would receive Yeshua as their Messiah!