Oil Spill in Israel’s Desert

Recently, an oil spill in Israel’s southern desert has been called one of the worst pollution events in Israel’s history.  Cleanup of the spill will take months and cause serious landscape changes to the nature reserve.  A crack in Israel’s Trans-Israel oil pipeline burst, spilling millions of liters of crude oil over a seven-kilometer stretch.  The pipeline was built in 1957 to transfer oil from Iran to Europe, but today is used to transfer oil from Ashdod to Eilat.  (Ynet)

Please pray for the cleanup to be smooth and rare animals (gazelle) and vegetation (palm and acacia trees) won’t be harmed.


Israeli Elections in March

The Israeli Knesset disbanded dramatically recently, calling for March elections to create a new ruling coalition.  Many say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not receive enough seats for a majority in the coming elections and will find it hard to create a coalition.  Many say the years of “King Bibi” are over.  Two other parties, Labour and Hatnua, run by Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog seem to be the current favorites.  Running together, they can receive enough seats to be the winning majority.  If they win, they agreed that they each can be Prime Minister for two years.  (Ynet)

Please pray for these coming elections. 

Supermarket Terrorist Attack

In a supermarket on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where both Arabs and Israelis shop together with no suspicions, a 16-year-old Palestinian pulled out a knife and stabbed two customers.  He tried to flee but an off-duty security guard, who happens to work at the Prime Minister’s office, reacted.  He pulled out his weapon, chased the terrorist and shot him in the leg, causing him to collapse and be arrested. (Ynet)

Please pray for those recovering from physical and emotional wounds. 

Ultra-Orthodox in the Air Force

The ultra-orthodox have traditionally not served in the Israeli Defense Forces, citing their need to study Torah.  This mentality has made many secular Israelis angry, that they can be exempt from mandatory military service with which all other young people must comply.  This is starting to change as 400 ultra-orthodox young men have enlisted in 2014. Recently, 60 were integrated into the Israeli Air Force, living in segregated rooms with the proper food they need for their very traditional way of life.  They will receive technical training that they can use once leaving the Air Force. (Israel National News)

Please pray for the development and training of those in the Israeli Defense Forces. 

Israel’s Placement on a Global List of Corrupt Countries

Israel ranked 37th out of 175 on a global list of countries rated on their corruption. Denmark topped the list as least corrupt while North Korea was at the bottom as most corrupt.  Issues that caused a low score were widespread bribery, lack of punishment for corruption, and public institutions that do not cater to citizens’ needs.  Israel has had its share of corrupt politicians and injustice to migrants in Israel.  (Israel National News)

Please pray for Israel to make better individual and widespread choices of conduct.