Last weekend, we held a conference for soldiers on the theme of “Love Your Enemy”. It took place in Tel-Aviv. We hosted over forty soldiers from different cities in Israel. Several of the participants were non-believers so listening to teachings from the New Testament was quite new for many of them. We believe that what they heard at the conference will contribute to the change in their thoughts towards God.

The soldiers arrived on Friday afternoon and after, we gathered together for Shabbat and had wonderful fellowship, worshipping God together. A pastor from Be’er Sheva opened the topic “Love Your Enemy” that evening and we were able to share openly our thoughts on this issue.

The next morning, we also had great fellowship and teaching with a pastor from Jerusalem. He continued to speak on the subject of ‘Our Attitude Toward Our Enemies”. After the teaching, we went to the sea shore, ate some ice-cream, and spent time talking and sharing our views on various topics with each other. After lunch, we continued studying the same topic, and in the evening everyone returned home.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the fellowship we had was special. Mostly, it is because of the subject of the conference – it was extremely relevant for those who serve in Israel Defense Forces. Moreover, several of the soldiers had moved to Israel very recently. They are here without their families and, therefore, quite lonely. Not only was it a good opportunity for them to talk and associate with other soldiers but also to get to know other young Israeli believers. The soldiers asked us to organize such meetings more often. We pray that the conference will help these soldiers strengthen their contact with other believers and with God Himself.