It was the coldest week in Israel in the last 10 years! In northern Israel, in the mountains, and in Jerusalem it is still very cold, even below freezing at night.  Homes are not equipped for cold temperatures (windows are thin and no central heating) because of the extreme summer temperatures.

We are very happy that before the freezing cold weather came, we were able to give out the blankets and bed linen, together with greetings cards and a Russian Bible to the new immigrants who came from Ukraine. Many Jews from Ukraine have been immigrating to Israel to escape the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.  Many of them have lost most of their belongings in the war and came to Israel with very little money and household items.  These small items that were given to them were a huge help and encouragement.

We involved some of the local congregations, from the Haifa area, in this project so the new immigrants could become acquainted with them and their work. One hundred families received this very timely present that will help keep them warm them during this cold season. The need is so great and there are many more families who could benefit from it.

There are still more people immigrating from Ukraine to Israel. They come to cities in the north of Israel so we are planning to organize tours to Jerusalem for them to visit biblical places and through these tours, to share the Gospel with them. We are also looking for other ways to help these people, to share the Good News with them, and to introduce them to a congregation near them.