Shalom dear friends,
I am so thankful for your prayers for Israel at such difficult times and for your support of our ministry.
I am writing this letter from Poland where we are holding a messianic camp for Israeli children. This camp was initially planned a year ago but it happened to take place at a difficult time for Israel. As I wrote previously, we are trying to help those people we minister to, especially elderly people. On Friday, I return to Israel but on the following Tuesday I am flying back to Poland with a group of Holocaust survivors from Israel. We are going for a week and a half to the south of Poland to give them opportunity to rest from the stress and the sirens, and to spend some time with believers. Right now there are about 25 people on the list. Some of them are quite old and it is hard for them to be on the move for a long time. Please pray for us as we travel there and back.
I want to thank all those who supported this project and gave us an opportunity to realize it.
Also, I received a letter today from our sister in Messiah from Ashkelon. She asks us to organize something for the children who are believers and who live there. She describes that the children have been living in fear for the last three weeks. They are on their summer vacation but they have not have any days off to relax. She sent me a picture of the kids sleeping in the stairwell because they do not have a bomb shelter in their building and they are afraid to stay in their apartment (attached).
Please continue to pray for our ministry, for these children, and for peace to come to Jerusalem and to the whole of Israel.

Maxim Katz