As you know during the summer, the South of Israel has been under almost constant rocket attack and parents and children in these areas have spent their summer vacation unable to leave their homes and often hiding in protected rooms or bomb shelters all day and night. 

The following is a report from our staff member who lives and serves with his wife and daughter in the southern city of Ashdod:

Recently, we were able to take a group of 18 single parents and their 32 children from Ashdod to a water park in the center of Israel. It was a very good day. We wanted to take them for a time of relaxation, to get away from the stress and danger they live under. We hadn't planned any spiritual content to the day, such as teaching or preaching. At the water park, most of the group sat together and started talking about the situation in Gaza. I mentioned that wars against Israel were prophesied about by the Biblical prophets. This opened up an amazing opportunity to speak candidly and sympathetically about the end times and the Lord’s hand in our lives. 

What I find interesting is that when a public ‘sermon’ or Bible talk is made, there are always people who either don't pay attention, keep themselves busy with something else or who listen halfheartedly out of politeness. However, this time people were genuinely interested and even when somebody tried to interrupt me they asked him to be quiet.  It was an amazing day, they heard the Word, had fun and were refreshed.