Shalom dear friends,
There was one new event where God allowed me to serve Him: believers from Denmark invited me to bring a group of Holocaust Survivors to have a kind of fellowship that would make a difference for people's life. The purpose was not only to rest in different surroundings but more importantly - to take time and think about God, why we need God and how to become closer to Him. Our Danish brothers and sisters wanted to contribute to their journey to learning that Jesus the Messiah is their Savior.
It was the first time that I took a group to this Northern country – Denmark, and I was not sure how everything would come out: I did not know the people that we were going to meet, the whole program and many other little details. There were 24 Holocaust and Ghetto Survivors from different cities in Israel. And as far as I am concerned, it made a valuable impact on the group.
I chose to speak about the uniqueness of the Bible because when a person really starts reading this book, God changes the heart. We learnt about biblical prophesies about Israel state and its fulfilment, because all of the group could witness it. Later we heard a lot about peoples love for Israel that stems from this Book of books. Moreover, we could experience this genuine love with which we were treated here. Thus, when people shared that they received this love from Bible and from the nation of Israel, many were impressed.
The majority of people were non-believers and they asked many questions concerning the authenticity and trustworthiness of the Bible, the personality of God. I saw their eagerness to discuss those important questions. Thus, it was a promising sign that people who did not need God in their life started to think about Him, respect Him and maybe even trust Him. I had many deep conversations and I hope that their curiosity will lead them to relationships with the Lord.
We could enjoy the beauty of the country; visited some museums and two congregations, listened to concerts of Jewish, Messianic and Christian music. People we met were the most wonderful part of the trip because it is them who make the difference.
Language was not a barrier to the love – people dealt perfectly with Danish, English, Hebrew, Russian and even Yiddish. It was very touching to see how everyone helped to understand each other and how a 90-year-old woman spoke Yiddish with another woman and got answers (even though they had no language in common).
People enjoyed their trip and gave warm reflection. They were so thankful even wrote thanksgiving poems and hoped that such trips were possible in future. I believe that this project has made a difference for their lives. I have known them in the past and I can see how many of them have changed. I pray for each of them, for becoming closer to God. We prayed a lot during this trip and my prayer is that they would see God working in their lives, loving them and waiting for them to come home.

Abundant blessings from Jerusalem,
Maxim Katz