Youth at the Jerusalem Messianic Center

Shalom dear friends,

Here in Israel we are in the midst of the Fall Feasts and it is a perfect time for organizing various projects because people have positive attitudes to towards renewed ‘spirituality’. However, this time it is different because of the recent war this past summer. Rosh Hashanah, the New Year, brings a hope for a peaceful year. Under such conditions, I had the blessing of having a 3-day meeting with the youth from Ashkelon, a city on the South of Israel.

Ministry Update 01This city received great deal of rockets during the summer’s war and life there was quite hard and stressful. Thus, as soon as God allowed me to do this, we invited some of the youth to come to Jerusalem for a few days. The idea was to give them both rest and spiritual encouragement. Previously, when we wanted to take people from stressful surroundings we found hotels but we understood that for a group of up to 20 young people it is more than suitable to stay at our Messianic Center in Jerusalem.

We managed to have a wonderful time of fellowship, we prayed together, discussed the present situation in the country and what we are able to do and how we can share the Word of God with others. Everything that is happening in our Land now has a spiritual foundation and it was good to talk with the young people about it.

Ministry Update 02We also encouraged them to define how they can show God’s mercy by standing up for what they believe in and what they know God wants them to do. Another subject we talked about was the meaning of the Jewish High Holidays and its importance in our lives. They were interested in learning about it. Many of the youth came to Israel with their parents who did not keep Jewish traditions, so this meeting was also a chance to get to know the roots of their faith.

We also went on a field trip to Masada, where we could get to know historical facts as well as think again about the importance of our decisions. I am glad that we could open the doors of our Center for the youth and we believe that the fellowship of believers can achieve many things, encouraging each other to reach out to other people. As for the non-believers, who also came, it was beneficial for them to have spent time with Christians for there is nothing else that speaks to people than the lives of others.

Abundant blessings from Jerusalem, Maxim Katz