Shalom Friends,

The Passover holiday has once again provided us with an opportunity to have a bigger meeting with many elderly Holocaust survivors and to share about the Lord with them.


More than three hundred people, from all over Israel, came to a festive banquet that we organized in Netanya. Eight buses were arranged to bring people to this event. They began their travels a couple hours before the meeting, however, and some people came to their city’s meeting point hours before the departure time because they were so excited to come to the meeting. All of them were nicely dressed, like for a huge celebration. It was a good chance for them to see each other, to see us, and to talk. They even asked us to organize such events more often. At the end, the people did not want to return home because they enjoyed it there so much.



As we usually do, we divided the event into two parts. First, there was a concert by a well-known opera singer from Israel who sang songs familiar to the people. The songs were in Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish. Many people were singing with him. They all enjoyed the performance very much. 

 Maxim had the opportunity to share the Word that leaving Egypt was the act of faith, obedience, and choice. Similarly, each of us should make the same step towards God. 

 Some of the guests also took part in the celebration, they recited poems and shared their gratitude for what we do. 

 In the second part, we had a nice dinner and nice fellowship. A believing husband and wife musical team played more music after the meal and many got up to dance.  It was very endearing.  This day was a great holiday for everyone and the feedback was especially good. The people were pleased by such special treatment.

At the end of the meeting everyone received a gift a beautiful decorative bottle, a box of chocolates and a magnet with the verse from Exodus15:3  "In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling."

 We are thankful that God provides opportunities to gather the Holocaust survivors for such meetings because they feel that they are loved, wanted, and they open their hearts for what we share. Firstly, we need to do something good for them, to let them get to know us and to see that we care, and only after that, they will listen to our special message!

Please pray for each of them to trust God with all their hearts. Pray also for us, for strength to achieve more for God, and for new opportunities to bring people closer to God.

 In Messiah, 


Maxim and the Beit Sar Shalom team