Shalom dear friends,

God has blessed me with an opportunity to serve him for some more time and I am thankful that you are with me in what I am doing.


Short Getaway from Rocket Firing

As I wrote you previously, God allowed me to take a group of Holocaust survivors from Sderot to Poland for a short trip. I did not intend to return here with another group especially after an exhausting children camp but the intentions of God were obviously different and for sure better. The reason for coming was the situation in Israel and the conditions under which these people lived – constant rocket shooting and sirens going off.

Therefore, I took a group of 20 elderly people (some with their grandchildren) to a small peaceful place in Poland where we could have nice fellowship, exciting tours together and, what is the most important, quiet time when they were able to sleep without fear, to walk outside, to enjoy the sky.

We could enjoy a concert given by my friend musicians from Krakow. A group of Jewish kids from Ukraine, who was in Warsaw on that day, also joined us for this feast. Moreover, we visited a local Baptist church and got to know some real articles of believers. A great blessing to me was that our driver who has worked with us many times took all of his family to a Sunday Sermon. They are Catholics and it was the first time they attended the Baptist congregation.

For many people, it was the first time that they encountered believers which gave all of us opportunities or great discussions. They had many questions and I was glad to help them find the answers. All of us prayed a lot for we truly understood how dependable on God we are and I took delight in seeing people addressing their Heavenly Father.

Another peculiarity of this trip was 2 generations getting together as this time there were not only Holocaust Survivors but also their grandchildren. It gave us an opportunity to get connected with younger generation as well which has become very important point to me recently. I pray that through older generation more and more young people get to know their God and their Messiah and vice versa.

On the picture is our group at the beautiful place we stayed. Even the nature was beneficial for us.

Prayer Needs

  • peace for Jerusalem
  • people's heart to be open to what they heard
  • God' guidance for future projects

Upcoming projects:

  • trip with Holocaust Survivors to Danmark
  • Children Camp in Israel on Sukkot

I am grateful to you for your support, both prayer and financial, and to God for his faithfulness.


Maxim Katz
Chosen People Ministry in Israel