Shalom dear friends!

As usual, we started the new year with Sukkot, celebrating God’s presence and provision in our everyday lives.

We celebrated this holiday with children at a camp at the Jordan River. We had an opportunity to bring about 90 people together for this event and the children, from all over Israel, had the chance to learn about God’s good plan for their life.

This time, we focused on the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. Every day we encouraged the children to think about the talents and resources that God has given to each of them. Our days were filled with fun activities, Bible studies, and prayer time. Every night we had fellowship in small groups where the children could think about what they learned from the day, ask questions, and pray together.

The last night at the camp, we had a special evening program for the children. We illustrated what they had learned with a short play and encouraged them to appreciate the time that they have and to devote their talents to God. We asked the children to write the talents with which they would like to serve God. Almost all of them had impressively long lists.

Sukkot CampDuring this camp, we could clearly see God’s protection and His mercy as well as changes in the children’s lives. One example is a boy named Nathaniel, who wasn't willing to take part in any part of the program in previous camps and was always moody and alone. This year, he came to the camp and actively took part in all the events.  We saw that he was trying to be attentive even though it was not easy for him. During our quiet times for reading the Bible, he asked for a Bible and then talked to us about what he read.

I ask you to please pray for those children who made the decision to devote their talents and their lives to God.

We also have a large group of helpers - the youth who grew up in our camps. They have a big desire and potential to serve God and help with future projects. We are thinking of new ideas of how we could guide this new generation of followers of Yeshua to become stronger in their faith. We are considering having a separate camp for them or annual meetings and seminars where they can learn and be encouraged. Please pray for these young people as well.

Thank you again for you prayers and support!

Many blessings from Jerusalem,

Maxim Katz