Passover Camp With 80 Children

The theme during the Passover camp was the “prodigal son”.  We also stressed verses that pertained to the fact that all have sinned, that there is no place where we can go where God is not present (whether we are trying to run from Him or whether we are seeking Him in times of trouble), and that God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked but wants all of us to come to Him in repentance. 

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Bible Study and A Meal

During Passover, we hosted a Seder with people from two Bible studies. We usually get much smaller numbers during the regular weekly meetings, but here everybody brought their spouses and children.

Altogether we were 24 people.  It was a great time and many heard a clear Gospel message about what Yeshua did for each of us during that Passover week in Jerusalem.


Single Moms and Volunteer Groups

This past month has been both exciting and busy for us as many home repairs have been accomplished for quite a few single parent homes.  Thanks to volunteers from the States and Canada, we were able to accomplish a lot and make things flow smoothly. 

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Holocaust Survivor Sees the Light

A few days ago I visited H. who became a believer during our last evangelic trip to Poland with the Holocaust Survivors. He got baptized at the end of November and continues to grow with God. I was extremely happy that he has an open Bible at his house and he always reads it.

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Serving in the Netanya Distribution Center

In the front line work we do in the food distribution center in Netanya, many times we have the thought or feelings, “we are working so hard, is this all worth it?”  Then, just when we least expect it, the Lord will send us a comment by a 91 year old Russian Jewish woman,

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Practical Ways to Help Single Moms

Work with the single moms group has been going well as usual and they have been very grateful for the help with various home repair projects.  Recently, while helping a single mom from our congregation, we were able to include her son to help with some things. 

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Getting Ready For Camp

Throughout the year, we have meetings with the IsraCamp counsellors at our Jerusalem Messianic Center to continue to train and build them up in the Lord.  We have a team of 20 young people from different congregations.

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Our Work Among Holocaust Survivors

Our Heavenly Father is faithful to His promises and blesses our ministry. When I have an opportunity to share God's love to these precious people, I thank him. Our work has a time limit because I have seen six people from the group of Holocaust Survivors in Sderot die recently, to my profound regret.

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