The theme during the Passover camp was the “prodigal son”.  We also stressed verses that pertained to the fact that all have sinned, that there is no place where we can go where God is not present (whether we are trying to run from Him or whether we are seeking Him in times of trouble), and that God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked but wants all of us to come to Him in repentance. 


We ended the camp with a time for all the campers to come before God and ask forgiveness for anything that they are struggling with.  Overall it was a wonderful combination of fun and spiritual lessons.  It is also a big blessing for me to see previous campers return to help as camp staff.  Please pray for the continued success of these camps, their impact on the lives of both the campers and the staff, and that the spiritual high we all feel after such a camp would not fade away.