Work with the single moms group has been going well as usual and they have been very grateful for the help with various home repair projects.  Recently, while helping a single mom from our congregation, we were able to include her son to help with some things. 

Like any teenage boys, he was more than excited at the opportunity to use some man toys (i.e. power tools).  Please pray for him, as he is part of the youth group at the congregation but seemingly still hasn’t given his life to the LORD. This next week we will partner up with our friends from another Believer-run organization to hold an event for the single moms and their children.  Along with dinner, a time of worship, and fellowship with one another, the moms will go home with gift cards that they can use to meet some of their practical needs.  As always, please pray that the moms and their kids will be encouraged by the help they receive.