Please intercede for Israel and our ministry in the Land:


Israel Prayer Pointers

  • Praise God for the Passover season when many around the country are quietly considering the truths of Jesus, the Passover sacrificial Lamb.
  • Praise God that this Passover there are even more new believers around the country who have accepted Jesus and experienced freedom from spiritual slavery.
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Israel Prayer Points — April 2014

  • Praise God for the late-season rain that fell all over Israel. After a dry winter, the rain was much needed.
  • Pray for ultra-Orthodox young men who will now have to take part with other young Israelis in serving the country through national service. They were previously exempt.
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Israel Prayer Pointers — February 2014

  • Praise God for the abundant rains (and snow) that fell in Israel in December, raising the water levels of the Sea of Galilee.
  • Pray for Ariel Sharon’s family, friends and close government workers as the former Israeli Prime Minister passed away recently.
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Israel Prayer Pointers — January 2014

  • Pray for those still affected by December’s major snowstorm in Jerusalem. Many trees are down, electricity was cut to many homes and ice on the ground has caused many injuries.
  • Pray about the impact of a major group of academics in the United States joining a boycott of Israel’s universities in solidarity with the Palestinians, an act of antisemitism.
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Prayer Pointers — February 2015

  • Pray for our special weekend conference for soldiers, that they would be refreshed, encouraged and ready to head back to their units. Forty soldiers took part in the weekend, a few of them were not yet believers.
  • Pray for the children who attended the children’s’ weekend camp. While attending, they had fun, crafts, worship and Bible teaching along with a special counsellor to help them still process the fears they have from the summer’s war and rockets.
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