We are always excited to be able to do another project for Holocaust Survivors because we do not have a lot of time left to reach out to them. Each year, there are fewer and fewer Holocaust Survivors so I pray God will give more opportunities to share His love.

Recently, we organized a three-day trip to the Dead Sea where they could rest and, more importantly, hear about God. About fifty people took part – most of them were not believers, and some have come to know God to a great extent, as a result of our projects. We had wonderful fellowship with worship and Bible discussions. We focused on the lives of Abraham, Moses, and Paul. Specifically, we spoke about their lives before they came to know God and how their lives changed after they met Him. Special attention was given to the cause of this change thus, we could stress again the influence and changed lives that God has on those who meet Him.

Most people came from Sderot and they were extremely grateful for an opportunity to leave the town for some time. The most thrilling moment was on the last day of the project. After the final meeting, we separated into three groups with a volunteer in each group and we prayed for these people and with these people for their needs and worries. It was such a great moment to see how they turned to God. 

We thank the Lord for all that He does. It is especially encouraging to see the fruit - we rejoice when we see people change and come closer to God. We am happy when we can minister to them, both physically and spiritually.

The Jerusalem Staff